Naval Academy Preparatory School, Class of 1967



Less than eight months remain before we meet in Aberdeen, Maryland for a long-overdue reunion and a march back in time. As guests of the Bainbridge Development Corporation we will assemble on the grounds of the once vibrant Naval Preparatory School to acknowledge those to whom we owe so much, and honor the memory of those we will never see again. There will be time to explore, to wander about, take pictures, and reflect on life at a different time and place and the years between yesterday and today. Eight months may seem like a long time, but October will be here before we know it.

As a matter of note, Wally Poleshaj serves as treasurer; both Wally and Bob have signature authority. Funds remaining in the account at the close of the reunion and the meeting of all obligations will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project on behalf of the NAPS Class of 1967.

We're rolling!

The committee:
Bob Capra 410-757-2028 (h)
John Condon 301-320-3375 (h)
Bob Gallagher 917-295-2922 (c)
Ken Marks 757-407-2878 (c)
Wally Poleshaj 563-271-3272 (c)